Wireless Eye Massager

Do you ever feel your eyes get easily tired if you stare for long periods of time at a computer or smartphone? Or maybe you have trouble sleeping and often get eye bags or dark circles? Try our most comfortable Wireless Eye Massager.

 Time to get rid of the unwanted restlessness, dark circles, headaches, sleep problems, and baggy eyes!


The Smart Eye Massager is good because it touches upon eight ocular acupoints that can reduce stress and improve blood circulation. This eye mask is designed to soothe all eight points giving you great results.

This eye mask uses double airbag technology which feels like soft, yet firm, pillows massaging your face. The feeling is something you've never felt before in a massaging device.

On/Off Heat Mode

On the mask, you'll find a button that activates the heat mode which will get up to 42°C. It leaves an amazing heated and soothing feeling against your eyes and really gives you that cozy sleep feeling.

Bluetooth Music Compatibility

Play some soothing music while you rest up. The Smart Eye Massager links to your favorite music device via Bluetooth. It will play your favorite tunes in a subtle and relaxing way.

Comfort is Everything

We know people's first question when seeing this item is, "is it comfortable?". We can proudly say that this eye mask is designed with an extremely soft and comfortable flannel that sits well on your skin.

The adjustable strap allows you to put it on as tight as you want or as loose as you want. It also helps with fitting it to all head shapes.

Our Wireless Eye Massager gets rid of all those problems, all you have to do is put them on and relax!

Bring your very own relaxing spa day in your own home or even while you lay outside, but don't worry it's 100% guaranteed safe due to our safety features.

Do you know what's better than just a normal eye massage
One with a Bluetooth speaker! Listen to your favorite song or relaxing music to get you in a peaceful state!