5 in 1 Nose Ear Hair Trimmer

It’s a do-everything addition to your grooming kit in that it comfortably removes nose and ear hair, as well as unwanted facial hair. Get ready to say "Goodbye" to those long hairs for good with our 5 in 1 Nose Ear Hair Trimmer grooming kit now!

Your hair seems to grow faster than the grass outside and always needing to go to a barbershop will cost you tons of money. Get your head-to-toe 5 in 1 Nose Ear Hair Trimmer For Men Clipper, hair groomed perfectly to your desire with the All-in-One Hair Trimmer.

5 in 1 electric nose hair trimmer is for complete trimming and styling of facial hair, which meets your all grooming needs. The shaver comes with 5 different heads, including a nose & ear trimmer, eyebrow trimmer, beard trimmer.

This ear and nose hair trimmer is made of waterproof ABS tightly-structured plastic. You can use it even if taking a shower. The nose hair trimmer is fully washable, so you could use the tap to flush directly. And all heads are easy to remove, simply by rotating, convenient to clean.

Our nose hair trimmer has high-quality precision stainless steel blades that ensure a long service life and accurate trimming. With a protective cover & inner 360° rotating design, it is comfortable and easy to use without painful and unpleasant pulling. Great motor and rapid trimming speed.

The trimmer's body is lightweight that fits your hands comfortably. It is ideal for business trips and personal travel with a pocket-sized design. It comes with a rechargeable USB cable and a built-in battery to make sure sufficient power. Whenever and wherever it's always possible to meet your requirements and perform facial repairs


  • Head To Toe Hair Grooming: Trimmer may be used to groom your hair and beard, and all other hairs in your whole body.
  • Safe And Gentle: It removes unwanted hair instantly and painlessly, without causing injuries, or irritating your delicate skin in any way.
  • Sharp Blades: Stainless steel blades ensure perfect trimming no matter the thickness or thinness of your hair.