720/1056PC Invisible Double Eyelid Tape

No more sagging and droopy eyelids with this Invisible Double Eyelid Tape! No one will know you have it! Only, This Eyelid Tape addresses the most common concerns regarding eyelid cosmetics – single eyelids and droopy eyelids.
It rejuvenates and revitalizes natural eye lines and folds, creating an immediate youthful eye effect. With its refined lace design, the tape itself is nearly invisible, easily retained, and concealed by regular makeup.

Enjoy them all day long as their long-lasting adhesion is waterproof and sweatproof! Eyelid Sticker is the instant, non-surgical eye lift designed to quickly and easily lift sagging, drooping eyelids, mono eyelid to a double youthful shape.

Its refined lace design seamlessly blends with any skin tone for a completely invisible look. Use it over or under any makeup without ruining your look.

It’s Waterproof, sweatproof, Oilproof with long-lasting adhesion for an all-day perfect eyelid! Made from medical grade material, it is very unlikely for any allergic reactions to occur and safe to wear all day long/ every day.

Simply wet it on and carefully stick it to your eyelids, and you’ll have perfect eyelids every time! Comes in a big set of multiple eyelid stickers, including applicators and a spray bottle.