Animal Skin Care Mask


The Animal Skin Care Mask is comparable to the sheet mask or paper mask. Its particularity is that the leaf is imbibed with a dose of concentrated actives. In this way, it is easier to apply the mask on your face. All in all, the Fun touch of this paper mask is that it exists in several forms: tiger, panda, dog, sheep.
Skin care
This super cute hydrating face mask is ideal for any animal lover! The specialty ingredients of natural extracts and hyaluronic acid are superior active agents found only in top brands making it the best face mask on the market. Replenish and nourish your skin to the max with these adorable and cool face masks to make moisturizing and smoothing of the skin fun and exciting. Use them with friends and post envious selfies of your skincare routine with this mask.
face care
Have fun with your skincare regime and let this mask take care of the rest, Enriched with Essential minerals this mask is will moisturize, hydrate your delicate skin while preventing skin damage due to harmful Sun rays.

face mask  WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT?

✅ The new pet mask, increase skin care fun.
✅ Nourish the skin, add the required water.
✅ Moisturizing, moisturizing the skin smooth.
✅ Helps improve skin dryness.
✅ Essence of the liquid component is more adequate, mask replenishment effect.