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Anti Wrinkle Jade Roller

Anti Wrinkle Jade Roller
Anti Wrinkle Jade Roller
Anti Wrinkle Jade Roller
Anti Wrinkle Jade Roller

Anti Wrinkle Jade Roller

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Want to get rid of your under-eye bags or dark circle? Try Our Anti-aging Jade Roller!

With its jade embedded massage head and 24K gold coated point at the bottom, keep using it to massage your face, it promotes blood circulation and fat burning, within few days, your eye bags will be gone, the skin will be tightened, and face will be lifted!

The roller uses vibration massage therapy to effectively relax your facial muscles, improve blood circulation, and activate skin cells.

The result is healthy, glowing skin that is tighter, younger, and more radiant than ever.


Promote blood circulation: Effectively get rid of your eye bags and dark coloration under your eyes. Instantly brighten up your face and let you glow from within.

Jade massaging technique: It activates the skin, keeps the skin moist and elastic by vibration, and the jade vibrates 6,000 times per minute to tighten the skin. Raise your face, tighten your skin, and rejuvenate.

Efficient vibration: 6,000 times, effective release of gold ions, can remove free radicals, enhance the elastic activity of facial skin.

Multi-function: round jade massage head, bottom plate coated with 24-carat gold, promote fat burning, solid small V face. Suitable for forehead, cheeks, neck, collarbone, shoulders, arms, hands, and legs.

360° waterproof design: Thanks to the 360° special waterproof design, you can enjoy it while bathing. In addition, you can use a 360° round message as you wish.

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