Car Visor LED Makeup Mirror

This visor mirror features a LED light to help you glam up easier inside your car. This is great to see yourself clearly in the mirror especially at night!

The built-in lithium battery can be charged and Car Vanity Mirror can be used without always plugging in the charging cable. The makeup mirror power cord has been extended and upgraded to 3meters. Don’t worry about the trouble caused by the too-short power cord.

The car makeup mirror has 48 white lights and 12 yellow lights, which are 40% brighter and 60% less energy than normal bulbs. The Car vanity mirror has a memory function, which can keep the color and brightness before closing.

There are two touch sensors, simply touch one of the touch switches to turn on and off. You can switch the two colors of the lights (cool white, warm yellow). Long press to adjust the brightness of the lights. Memory function makes this mirror with lights return to the same brightness and color when you last using.

This car sun visor mirror with lights be powered by USB and also rechargeable which can be charged through the car, socket, computer, mobile power, free to use the vanity car beauty mirror anywhere and anytime. The service life of the lighted makeup mirror is up to 50,000 hours.

Unique mirror LED design with built-in 6 adjustable LED lights for easy use in low light conditions. Universal design for easy installation: Two clips on the back make it easy to mount on all types of sun visors.