Physiotherapy Instrument Knee Massage Rehabilitation Pain Relief

Are You Still Suffering From Knee Pain or Hidden Knee Hazards, Pay Attention to Them in Time. It Is also Imperative to Pay Attention to the Health of the Knee Joint. Physiotherapy Instrument Knee, Massage Rehabilitation, Pain to Relieve Knee Discomfort, Bid Farewell to Knee Pain, and Remove Dampness and Coldness of Knee Joints.

Enjoy a comfortable massage after a long day. This knee massager has 3 vibration modes, from low, high to automate switching. Three heating modes, from low setting of 40°C, medium of 50°C, to the high heat level of up to 60°C, and all with the extra benefit of switchable infrared and laser lighting.

3000 mAh high-performing battery, as well as a lightweight of 650g, the messager is truly a cordless all-rounder. Enjoy a relaxing and pain-relieving knee massage, no matter in the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world.

Easy to Operate and Intuitive. The enclosed detailed user manual with larger text and explanatory drawings makes the unit a charm to operate. A separate Quick Start Guide helps you start massaging and relieving pain in no time!