Electric Muscle Stimulator

Do you want to exercise your muscle in an easy way? Get that perfect shape that you've always dreamt of! Forget about starving or skipping meals. Forget about endless hours of training. Sculpt your body, lose excess weight, burn stubborn fat and compliment your figure with this Electric Muscle Stimulator.
The Muscle Stimulator is a physical exercise simulator equipment to tone and enhances muscles, specifically abuse. Apply the soft pads easy, and it will progressively increase impulses intensity. Automatically it will stop once the session is over.
Our muscles receive electric current all the time from our brain in order to respond to stimuli. They contract and relax, just like they do when are exposed to the electric impulses from this amazing equipment.

Lose your body fat.
Strengthen your muscle.
Exercise in an easier way.
6 modes optional and strength adjustable to help fat burning and muscle growing.
Super light, wearable and convenient for you to bring anywhere.