EMS Ice Warm Therapy Anti Wrinkle Skin Facial Lifting Neck Body Massager Device

Courtyard level color light, tender skinTri-color light improve a variety of skin problems, The Skin Care, Beauty Device is made of ABS that is not easy to damage, long service life, USB rechargeable.
Mutual conduction, range of stimulation skin, skin movement, so that the skincare products into the bottom of the skin, and then through EMS lit and tighten the skin.

Courtyard level color light, tender skin Tri-color light improves a variety of skin problems,

  • Red Light: 620-630nm. Accelerated circulation & Desalt Blain to imprint,
  • Blue Light: 465-475nm.Resistance to acne&Control water and oil balance,
  • Red & Blue Light: 520-530nm. Improve skin sensitivity & Balance skin oil.

It Has 4 Modes Functions

1. EMS Pulse Mode: Skin Tightening (EMS+Intermittent
Vibration+Red&Blue Light)
2. Skin Tendering Mode: Massage & Soothe Skin (Intermittent
Vibration+Warm+Red Light)
3. Revitalizing Collagen Mode: Nourishing (EMS+Long
Vibration+Warm+Red&Blue Light)
4. Lifting Face Firming Mode: Cooling skin & Lifting
(Ice Compress+Blue Light)

Usage Guide For Face

1. Before using this device to massage your face, you are advised to fully massage the skin behind the ears.
2. To restore neck skin elasticity, during the massaging process, please glide the device from the bottom of the neck to the top.
3. Glide the device from the chin to the front side of the ears, similarly, glide the device from the inner side of the face to the outside.
4. Glide the device with your forehead slowly and gently.

Usage Guide For Body
1. Glide the device gently and slowly from your shoulder to the oxter.
2. Slowly move the device on your arm.
3. Gently move the device on your abdomen to massage.
4. Glide the device on your plural region slowly and gently.