Eyelash Curler

Say goodbye to harsh, crimped lashes and pinched eyelids! Get eyes that wow with this Eyelash Curler.

The shape of our eyelash curler is designed bythe professional makeup artist. No Pinching. It perfectly fits for various eye shapes. With the curvature of the curly eyelashes can make beautiful girls eyes more profound sense, but also more feminine. Just dramatically curled eyelashes & lash line in seconds with mascara.

A must have in my makeup case! This comb is metal and arched which make it much easier to use. The teeth glide through lashes easily. Give it a try and you will be glad you did.

✔ Eyelash Comb, the sleek and easy-to-hold handle provides ultimate comfort, easy storage, and travel.
✔ This unique and innovatively shaped eyelash comb creates the most natural finish to any mascara.
✔ The curved comb features metal teeth and fits perfectly around the contours of your eye, gliding evenly through your lashes every time.
✔ An ergonomically shaped metal eyelash comb, the design allows you to simply brush upwards, rather than twisting your hand to brush.
✔ This Eyelash Curler is suitable to brush the product through the eyelashes or to dry brush before or after curling the lashes.