Heated Gloves

Don't let cold hands get in the way of fun this winter!

Keep your hands warm, anywhere this Winter with the Worlds first pair of Wireless Heated Gloves. Using a carbon fiber heating element in each glove, the design is slim and they feel just as comfortable as traditional gloves.

If you're a big fan of winter activities, then you'll definitely need these Temperature Adjusting Heated Gloves. Enjoy skiing, snowboarding, skating, climbing or Mountaineering with warm and comfortable hands.

This glove has different power settings and last for six and a half hours. They may be too bulky for every day use, but the gloves are guaranteed to keep your hands warm and toasty.

✔ Soft interior lining + water proof exterior fabric.
✔ Extremely durable.
✔ Heat is spread throughout the hand, including fingers.
✔ Slip resistant material on the palm side.
✔ Thumb fabric can be used for touch screens.
✔ Low / Medium / High Settings.
✔ Rechargeable lithium batteries.
✔ The battery is kept safe within the top pocket of the glove.
✔ The battery can supply heat for 4 - 6 hours of use.