Heatless Hair Curling Wrap Kit

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Wine red
Skin powder
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Peacock blue
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Love bouncy curls but hate frying your hair? Then the Heatless Hair Curling Wrap Kit is just the hairstyling solution for you! This handy kit naturally creates beautiful curls and waves in your hair.


No more curling irons or salon trips!

The heatless curlers are made of strong and durable material which can be reused for a longer period of time. High-quality polyester is used which is safe to use on your hair.

Gentle yet effective, this curling kit is totally heatless so it causes no pain or damage to your hair. It uses soft and lightweight materials, making them comfortable to move and sleep in.

It's perfect for any hair type and length, it’s easy to use and gives you amazing results.

A heatless curlers headband uses no heat and causes no damage to your hair. This provides curls to the hair naturally without using any heat. This hair wave forming rod works without any electricity and you can do your hair styling easily without any damage to your hair.

The heatless hair curlers give you a beautiful hairstyle every day as it is easy to use at home or you can carry it when you go out. This hair styling tool is easy to use, which just need to curl your hair with a curling ribbon, wrap your hair around two curling rods, fasten it with hair scrunchies, and wrap it around your head before going to bed at night.

This hair curling wrap kit is suitable for carrying at home or on business trips and suitable for both dry and wet hair. No need to take up your time from the busy working routines.