Hot & Cold Anti-wrinkle Face Mask

Looking for the best hot & cold Eye Mask? Then Look No Further!

This amazing Hot & Cold Anti-wrinkle Face Mask will allow you to experience something very unique: Treat your headaches, stress, puffy eyes, muscle pain, dehydrated skin, acne, and more by wearing one of the best face masks out there!

Give yourself the opportunity to feel relaxed and healthy by wearing this acne face mask and enjoy all of its great benefits today!


THERAPEUTIC EFFECT:The hot & cold therapy face mask will make you look and feel better because it can reduce any discomfort, swelling, and pain caused by injury, inflammation, burns, and post-surgical pain. This great face mask can also reduce puffy and swollen eyes, dark circles, sinus pressure, fever, head colds, skin dehydration, anti-aging, sunburns, migraines, and many more!

FULL COVERAGE FACE MASK: This therapy face mask was made to fit your face perfectly, with openings in your mouth, nose, and eyes, you will be able to follow your routine as it comforts your face’s skin and muscles. The mask can be well adjusted with your face and cover all of its corners for effective results.

EASY TO USE: This therapeutic face mask can be easily used. Just put it in the freezer or refrigerator until the desired temperature for the ice pack effect. When you need it for hot use, then place this face mask in the microwave and follow the instructions. This is the best facial mask because it will help you with all of the pains and aches!

REUSABLE & 100% SAFE:The cold face mask is made from medical grade, non-toxic gel beads with premium PVC cover. The mask is completely safe and it resists leaking and tearing!

MULTIFUNCTIONAL: This hot & cold face mask can be more than a usual face mask; you can use it on your neck, shoulder, back, elbow, arms, wrist, or wherever you need hot or cold therapeutic effects. You can wear this face mask when reading, watching TV, meditating, traveling, yoga, and more.