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Ice Eye Mask

Ice Eye Mask

Ice Eye Mask

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A gel-filled eye mask for relaxation and wellbeing

The Ice Eye Mask is a cold compress eye mask made for soothing tired eyes. Use the cold therapy eye mask to soothe puffy, tired eyes and to relieve headaches.

Cold therapy reduces swelling by slowing the flow of blood and other fluids in the treatment area. In general, cold therapy is the preferred treatment for tired or puffy eyes. The coolness can even offer ease for migraine sufferers.

Cold treatments are also a remedy for cosmetic reasons, If you suffer from bags under your eyes due to fluid retention, lack of sleep, allergies, or other causes, gel ice mask formed to fit comfortably over the area are a natural solution.

The cool gel can also reduce the appearance of dark circles, It does this by constricting the blood vessels in the skin surrounding your eyes, reducing inflammation.

Cooling your gel ice mask is as simple as sticking it in the freezer for 20 to 30 minutes before you want to use it.


  • Firming and Toning the under-eye area
  • Anti-wrinkle.
  • Reaffirming eye bags.
  • Prevent & Refine Aging.
  • Powerfully removes puffiness.
  • Enriched with moisturizers.
  • Powerful reduces dark circles.

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