Ice Therapy Professional Hair Straightener Cold Wind Brush

Unlike the traditional heating, hair straightening comb, this Professional Hair Brush adopts low-temperature cryotherapy. The hair can be straightened with cold wind to avoid high-temperature damage to the hair and loss of moisture in hair.

This electric hair straightening brush is designed for daily care, use new ice therapy to straighten and smooth the hair, giving you healthy, shiny, straight hair. Very comfortable to hold, and only 55 Watts, and 9V-6A (maximum).

Suitable for dry and wet hair, no matter your hair is dry or wet, you can use this cold hair straightener brush to straighten or combing your hair, more efficient and convenient to use.

Allows you to create charming and exquisite straight hairstyles at home, making your hair soft and beautiful, full of luster, you don't have to worry about being burned with high temperature due to operating errors.

An innovative hair straightening comb, suitable for home and professional salon use. Also can be used as an ideal gift for your family and friends, especially those who like hairdressing.
Note: 3 minutes to cool the surface, water droplets and ice will appear at 2C or 3C deg and the room temperature should be above 17C deg during use.