Intelligent Cupping Massager

This revolutionary smart cupping device has combined ancient Chinese cupping massage techniques with new and innovative robotic technologies to help relieve muscle pain, swelling, and inflammation. Can meet your demand. Control panel, fast adjusting, easy to use. Electric scraping massager helps promote lymphatic detoxificationand blood circulation,eliminate toxins through lymphatic circulation and scraping.

Our smart cupping device uses dynamic suction technology, red light therapy and it has an in-built massager which will give you the most effective, comfortable & relaxing massage whilst targeting your problematic area. Hand-held electric scraping and cupping massager can be used for scraping and cupping. The electric massager can activate the continuous skin, relax the muscles of the body, and accelerate the internal circulation through the thermal effect. Energy can penetrate muscles, relieve pain, and help you relax and be healthy.

Bian stone warm moxibustion and scraping instrument the strength is just right and will not harm your skin. The smooth curvature of the grip is very suitable for the palm, so you can control it with one hand, and the operation with both hands is as simple as the left and right hands. The revolutionary cupping device comes with a variety of rhythmic suction & speed settings to help you build a program that is best suited to your needs. Studies have shown Red Light Therapy may also help treat skin conditions and promote tissue repair.

Our smart cupping device has been used by fitness instructors, professional athletes, sports specialists, and licensed massage therapists on themselves and even on their clients in countries all around the world. Our electric cupping device is powerful, compact & easy to use. It can be used in the comfort of your own home or taken with you whilst on your travels. Due to its unique size and build, it can be used as a self-cupping on almost any part of the body, including - back, neck, shoulders, hips, hamstrings, or calves.

Suitable for the back, abdomen, tibia, legs, and other body parts, suitable for long-term lack of exercise, poor physical condition, long-term mental stress, and physical dysfunction. The machine is portable and can be used anywhere, such as bedroom, living room, and even enjoy professional physiotherapy on the go. Buy it for your lover or friend as a gift for friends who have body pain and postoperative scar healing problems.