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Makeup Storage Box

Makeup Storage Box
Makeup Storage Box
Makeup Storage Box
Makeup Storage Box

Makeup Storage Box

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Need to free up space on your dressing table and want an aesthetic-looking vanity? With our Makeup Storage Box, you can organize what you need in the compartments provided.

All your cosmetics and jewelry can now be organized in a bigger, more elegant glammed-up version of a storage box. It's nothing like you've seen!

The makeup organizer box with cover stores your cosmetic items of different shapes and sizes while keeping them well organized.

The big top tier for bottled cosmetics and 2 divided drawers can hold your brush, jewelry, lipstick, keep clutter away on the countertop, keep all your beauty products in one place.

Decorated with clear lid and drawers, protecting your cosmetics away from dust and water, keeping you access all of your cosmetics for a more efficient makeup routine. Also can use as a professional cosmetic display case.


Made of safe and non-toxic high-grade acrylic ABS material. This beauty organizer is durable enough for long-lasting use, and takes up less room, and makes your place tidy.


  • Dustproof Handy Cover: You can see what's on the top easily through the clear dustproof and waterproof cover. It also keeps your cosmetics dust-free.

  • Multiple Drawers: Drawers are perfect for storing lipsticks, foundations, bronzers, blushes, eye shadows, primers, powders, and much more.

  • Comfortable Handle: A handle attached in each drawer which you could easily pull out any drawers you need as well all the drawers are visual.

  • Dustproof & Waterproof: Decorated with a transparent dustproof and waterproof lid, protect the makeup from water and mud.

  • See All Your Cosmetics At Once: No more wasting time digging through the constant clutter of your makeup bag. Now you can see all your makeup at once, allowing you to grab exactly what you want in an instant.

  • Perfect For Traveling: Forget about bulky, unsalable makeup kits. This practical, aesthetic, and compact organizer let you take all your makeup on the go, and the handle makes it easy to carry.

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