Nail Art Stamping Machine

All-In-One Nail Art Machine is fun, flirty, glamorous and chic! 
Paying too much to go to the salon to do your Nails? Create fun and trendy nail art at home with this simple, all-in-one design machine. This Nail Art Stamping Machine is designed to stamp the cute images on your nails. You can decorate your nails with lovely images, flowers, animals, etc. Just wait a few minutes, your nails will look much more eye-catching
The supportive hand-steadying base holds your finger in place while you paint your nail and stamp on the design of your choice, ensuring perfect alignment and salon-quality results every time.
With this simple nail design stamping tool, having lovely nails is such a breeze. Great for ladies who are fond of going to parties as this cool ladies-friendly tool is a go-to gadget for last minute nail art.

✔ Perfect alignment every time.
✔ Over 60 designs.
✔ Mess-free, expert, salon quality nails at a fraction of the cost.
✔ Use your own polish.
✔ Works on fingers and toes.
✔ Stamp what you like within a minute,enjoy your DIY and beautiful nails.
✔ Suitable for both left handed and right handed people.