Shapewear: Shaping Shorts



You no longer dare to wear your favorite clothes, because of these complexes that you find unsightly at home and that ruins your everyday life? Today and thanks to our Shaping Shorts, you will not be deprived of more shopping. Dresses, tight pants, skirts...... you will have the right to wear everything at your leisure. Put on your tight-fitting sheath close to the body and the transformation will be immediate.

Refining the belly and the waist, this Slimming sheath with lace ideal to refine your waist and make your stomach flatter. It can be worn easily under tight clothing all day long and erases small defects. It is usually completed with a bra with push-up effect to give a flat stomach effect and refined waist.

Composed of spandex, cotton, and polyester, its spandex elastic material allows to refine and shape the upper thighs.

✔ Finish the unpleasant rolls on the belly! Slim Shorty makes your little curves disappear. It's the perfect underwear to feel comfortable while staying sexy.
✔ Slim Shorty is used every day, both for sport and under an evening dress.
✔ This Shorty fits your body, you will not have any feeling of compression.
✔ Sitting or standing, it does not slip because it has an anti-crease band.
✔ An instant slimming effect for a flat stomach and fine hops.
✔ Easy to use.
✔ Absolute comfort, light and soft.