Smart Cupping Massager Vacuum Anti Cellulite Magnet Therapy

Say goodbye to pain and tension with the Smart Cupping Massager Vacuum Anti Cellulite Magnet Therapy! This intelligent cupping therapy device is a revolutionary combination between technology and traditional Chinese massage techniques that can help relieve back pain, muscle tension, and improve mobility.

Our cupping machine uses a dynamic suction technology that compared to traditional cupping sets, provides a rhythmic alternation of suction and release, that can help promote excellent circulation and help you relax.

This revolutionary cupping therapy massager features a smart massage function with 6 different intensity levels and modes, allowing you to build a customized therapy program. Also, it uses red light therapy that may contribute to relieving inflammation and promote healing while creating a state of relaxation and calm.

This cupping machine has an intuitive design that will make every massage session more enjoyable. It is easy to handle and comes with touch-sensitive buttons so you can navigate easily through settings and select the desires options with ease.

Our electric cupping device is compact and performant, helping you enjoy an amazing Chinese cupping massage anywhere you go. Also, it is very easy to place anywhere on your body, such as shoulders, back, hips, calves, or hamstrings, and give yourself an intense and relaxing massage.