50/pcs Sweat Pads


Are you often wearing dark colors? Do you wear double the clothing to try and stop the flow of sweat? Tired of feeling embarrassed by the marks and visible signs perspiration leaves on your neat looking clothes? This self-absorbent, odor-repulsive, underarm Sweat Pad, is just what you need.

It works by absorbing the sweat released during perspiration, due to it's a self-absorbent feature, preventing the marks of perspiration from being visible on your clothes. It is odor-repulsive feature inhibits the action of bacteria on the absorbed sweat, thereby preventing it from smelling. It also comes with a nice smelling aroma (i.e. deodorant), which also keeps you smelling fresh and nice all day. It is easily disposable.

Our sweat pads are a perfect solution for light to moderate sweating of the underarms. Our MagicSweat Pads Stay In Place Until You Remove them. They can be used every day or on special occasions when you need that extra confidence and protection.

✔ HIGHLY ABSORBENT: Effective Odor Stopper. Comfortable & Discreet, Easy Peel & Stick.
✔ EXTRA STRONG ADHESIVE: Provides Secure Placement To All Fabrics Including Silk. No Pins Or Straps.
✔ HYPOALLERGENIC: Quick Drying. Save On Dry Cleaning Bills.
✔ FOR MEN & WOMEN: No Washing Necessary, Easy To Dispose Of When Finished.