Ultra Thin Facial Lift Patches

Do you want younger and smoother skin? No need for creams and expensive treatments! Mechanically lift wrinkles overnight with the Ultra-Thin Facial Lift Patches.


Instantly vanish all signs of aging and wrinkle overnight with this Instant Anti-Wrinkle Face-Lift Patch! The stickers rejuvenate sagging skin, making it an easier hassle-free solution to skin aging.

The Face-Lift Patch is made of resin which stimulates collagen production and prevents night-creasing and designed to smoothen out any fine line and wrinkle on your ace. Apply patches during the night to boost production of volume-restoring collagen and long-term removal of wrinkles.


SMOOTHS FOREHEAD FURROWS & EXPRESSION LINES OVERNIGHT - Silicone pads are worn comfortably while you sleep. Wake up to a wrinkle-free brow and radiant skin. Wear overnight (or as little as 30 minutes). Use regularly and avoid extreme facial expressions that cause lines.

DESIGNED TO SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE the appearance of forehead furrows, expression lines and frown lines that can be caused by aging, sun damage, and repeated facial movement.

LONG-LASTING QUALITY - Our anti-wrinkle pads will make you feel comfortable and will offer you a pleasant sensation during wear. The silicone face pads last up to 20-30 days if well cared for. Gently apply the face pads before sleep or during your daily activities and keep them in clean places so you can experience our new stickiness formula for many days to come.